Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sales Talent Retention Strategies: Keep Your Top Earners

Learn both immediate and long-term strategies for sales talent retention.

Steve Loftness, Senior Consultant at Sales Benchmark Index, writes that sales talent retention becomes a lot easier when the Human Resources manager takes charge. “The HR leader can take some concrete steps to stop the exit of sales reps and therefore the loss of revenue,” says Loftness, who then lists four immediate and three long-term strategies for sales talent retention.
For the short term, HR can help by identifying any reps who are at risk of leaving, adding her opinion on whether or not the reps in question are worth keeping, coaching the sales lead on how to convince the reps to stay, and coming up with a contingency plan if the reps do resign. For the future, HR needs to hire only reps who fit in with the company culture and understand the drivers of your business.

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