Sunday, 11 November 2012

Internet Marketing in Emerging Markets

Marketing via the internet has gained prominence all over the world, including India. With increasing number of people using the internet and the various social media websites on a daily basis, most of the companies have opted for internet marketing instead of the traditional marketing to gain visibility and raise awareness amongst the the internet users of their product and services.

How to Get Started in China with Internet Marketing

Marketing is a fundamental tool for any type of business. To achieve and maintain a stable customer base, an extensive marketing campaign needs to be carried out for the products and services that are offered by a company to raise awareness amongst the market.

China Social Media Overview

Within the past few years, technology has experienced massive innovations and growth. Particularly, internet has gained prominence all over the world and is currently being used for almost everything, for example, online shopping, online banking, online bill payment, etc..

China Search Engines Market

The Chinese economy has experienced massive growth and expansion within the past few years. Moreover, since an increasing number of Chinese people use the internet on a daily basis, the Chinese search engines market has gained immense prominence.

What is Governance, Risk & Compliance?

Governance, Risk & Compliance, though being distinctive, are three independent components of an organization. It is vital for a company to incorporate efficient and effective policies regarding the three crucial areas of the business, namely corporate governance, risk management and legal compliance. Failure to do so may lead to a loss of confidence of the various stakeholders. 

What is Employee Retention?

Human resources are a central part of a company. In other words, the success of any company depends upon the quality of human resources they have. Having adequate and realistic employee retention strategies in place is equally important to any other business strategy.

Managing Up

The term, managing up, means communicating and coordinating with your boss or manager to meet the requirements of your job and help him in meeting his own job objectives. In other words, it means building a successful working relationship with your superior or manager. Managing down is equally important to managing up, whenever it is deemed essential.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Five Tips for Successful Project Risk Management

Effective risk management is increasingly seen as an essential element of delivering successful projects. With a project risk management process and system, risks to the project can be identified early and minimized, and teams will be able to seize opportunities as they occur.
Use the five tips below to help deliver projects on time, on budget, and with the highest quality results.

The adventures of Solvency II – The ORSA

[...]What is an ORSA, how does it differ from the SCR and what does an insurer need to do to produce an ORSA ? 

When you’re stuck with an outdated LMS, is it better to build or buy? Why?

CLOMedia asked its LinkedIn members: When you’re stuck with an outdated LMS, is it better to build or buy? Why? Here’s what a few had to say.

The Rewards of Digital Detox: What Happens When Employees Unplug?

There are certainly advantages to having employees accessible 24/7, able to solve problems and respond to employer needs whenever and wherever. But at what cost?
Research released last May by the U.S. Army and UC Irvine demonstrated significantly lower stress levels in subjects denied access to email for five days. They also reported greater ability to focus on their jobs.