Sunday, 11 November 2012

Internet Marketing in Emerging Markets

Marketing via the internet has gained prominence all over the world, including India. With increasing number of people using the internet and the various social media websites on a daily basis, most of the companies have opted for internet marketing instead of the traditional marketing to gain visibility and raise awareness amongst the the internet users of their product and services.

Just like many other parts of the world, internet marketing in India has achieved an edge over all other modes of marketing. Individuals who use internet regularly tend to buy products or use services that are advertised over the internet rather than the more conventional methods of advertisement.

Internet marketing in India, or anywhere around the world, has a number of advantages for the company marketing its products and services. The major advantage to them is the cost savings. Advertising over the internet does not require any costs to be incurred as opposed to the conventional methods of advertisement for which an appropriate budget needed to be allocated.

However, before opting for internet marketing in India for your products, it is essential to undertake a thorough India market research to analyze the market trends, consumer purchasing patterns, number of successful advertisements online, etc. This research will determine whether online advertisements have an effect on the consumers and whether they are the most attractive means of advertisement as compared to the other conventional methods.

If you want to market your products in India via internet but are unsure of the target market and consumer behaviors, you can hire an internet marketing company in India for marketing of your goods and services within India. These companies possess greater knowledge regarding the consumer market in India and their respective spending behaviors. Moreover, they will even know the techniques that can be used to attract customers towards your products.

Having such company work for you would obviously mean that the target market is recognized within India. Marketing strategies can then be formulated accordingly to aim specifically at those target markets. This will eventually boost sales of your products in India. Amongst the social networking websites, the one that is most popularly used throughout India is Facebook. Hence, companies can also advertise their products on Facebook to gain a higher and stable customer base within India.

Though Facebook is the most popularly used social networking website in India today, there are many others that have managed to retain their audience and are still used by many individuals. These websites are; Orkut, Bharatstudent, Zedge, ibibo, hi5, shtyle, indyarocks, fropper and myspace. You can post your advertisements, having links back to your website; on these websites as well as this will also help you in targeting the Indian market and attaining a good customer base within India.

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