Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hiring Designers on LinkedIn... Yay or Nay?

LinkedIn is a vast business social networking website with more than 225 Million users. But it is not only difficult but almost impossible to find a decent designer even with the millions of users. Why? You ask. So here it is.

Every creative professional have their portfolios; it is unique and it varies from person to person, no two portfolios are alike. These are theme based and work based; they are changes depending on every project. Being creative you need to be someone different, someone not going with the crowd; so does your portfolio. Most Design students start up there website during their first year of the studies where they upload their work. It’s all about making your presence known to the society.
At LinkedIn there is structural format for resumes which make all the creative designers look the same so is the cookie cut template for the portfolio. This process may work for accountants or lawyers but for a designer all the hard work in creating something different and unique is lost. There is no way it can replace digital portfolios. It is like going to a market where every shop has the same description but the contents are different.
Communities like Behance and Dribble are used by some creative professionals but there is still a different aura of the personal portfolio. Ever after being a part of such communities designers still prefer having their own website and use their community profile to drive traffic to their personal website.
There are even tools available to create portfolios but imagine using such widget to portray all you have worked for. Here again no designer would be able to differentiate himself from the other.

If you think there is nothing that can help you think again. You should hire designers who can express themselves well.  After all, if a designer cannot express themselves well, how will they express your work and site?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fall in the Rupee - What it means for Business

The Indian economy has been hit terribly in recent times and it still been reeling under the pressure of the fall of the rupee. Inflation in the imports and exports sector is high. There is 80% of import of oils and 800 tons of gold respectively. In cases like these the policy making at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would become a challenge. India even imports fertilizers, iron ore and medicine which now will be much more costly than before. As the value of the Rupee decreases; all imported articles and goods will become costlier than they already are.

The fall in the rupee has also affected the Business’s at large as they need to change their strategies. The company will not be laying out the old workers but the pay checks will surely shrink. The company will not be able to spend on recruiting fresh talent and will have to try and harvest that from the present workers.
Recruiting new talent has become harder so the companies have adopted new hiring techniques. Individuals from the companies would have to be really careful while changing their jobs as there is a slowdown in hiring. As the company will need to rationalize its cost they will either have to hire lesser people or the salaries of the present worker will be need to be kept constant or there might even be a reduction.

This is a good time for companies and business that earn in dollars. The amount earned can he converted to a higher rate of Indian rupees. The government has decreased it number of imports in the country and there is a controlled entry of dollars in the Indian Market. If there is a recession in the global market there will surely be an negative impact for the companies and business that earn in dollars.

The vacation sector business that offers international vacations is hit harder. The flight fares are going up due to the fuel charges and as the value of rupee will be less in foreign countries the food, stay and shopping too be expensive.

The entertainment business would also fee a heavy loss as the consumers will not be ready to shell out a large amount of rupees. Electronics, books etc. will be expensive as most of them are imported from abroad. Electronic consumer good with imported components will also become expensive.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hiring Talent From India: Some Tips

Finding and retaining talented professionals in an organization has become a difficult task. This is due to the fact that skilled professionals are in great demand in the entire industry. India has of late emerged as a popular destination for recruiters from all over the world largely due to the abundance of talented people. However, the process of recruitment in India is pretty different compared to other countries.

In a country like India where there are hundreds of people eyeing a single job position, it is important that you find the right talent to fill a particular job position in your company. There are innumerable ways by which you can get in touch with a prospective employee. There are various modes of advertising a job vacancy that can be effectively used to lure your target audience.

On the other hand, the method of reaching out to talented professional depends on your industry too. India is also growing as a prominent IT industry and it is essential that you get on to the web and post advertisements if you are in need of fresh talent. Today’s generation is hooked on to the internet and it would be an amazing tool to spread the message about job vacancies in your company. Advertising on Facebook is said to be an effective way of target marketing that is also cost-effective. Moreover, by doing this you are attracting talented people who are really interested in working with you.

Before you hire talent from India also make sure that the traits or characteristics that the employee possesses comply with your business objectives. For instance, if you are hiring someone as a financial officer, it would be good if he didn’t spend money on accumulating useless resources. Look for some kind of a special skill in the individual that not only makes him stand out from the crowd but is also beneficial for your organization.

Finding talent from India can be a challenging and time consuming job. However, if you succeed in targeting the right people who have exactly what you need, recruiting will definitely be easy.

Finding Talent On Facebook

Online recruiting is a unique way for organizations of different sizes to find talented professionals. With more and more people getting onto Social networking websites, HR departments are trying to discover unique ways to utilize this resource and lure skilled candidates. The fact that Facebook has more active users than any other social network currently running makes it a favorite among employers across the globe.

Larger organizations and well-established brands can opt for paid search campaigns to get to the target audience. This targeting can be done based on age, education, geographic location, interests and several other parameters proposed by the company. This feature on Facebook only allows a selected group of people to see your advertisement. Recruiting on Facebook ensures that you reach out to the right people who possess the requisite set of skills needed to fill the job position.

In fact, contrary to a popular belief, online recruitment through Facebook has a higher success rate compared to traditional methods. This technique is economical too given the fact that Facebook ads are charged on a pay-per-click basis. This means that you will not have to shell extra bucks to feature your advertisement on the website. Gone are the days when you used to spend a fortune to setup billboard hoardings and print pamphlets at the time of hiring professionals. On Facebook, only those candidates who are interested to join your company will click on the ad while others are most likely to ignore it.

Even if you aren’t very successful in finding talent on Facebook, it will definitely increase the users’ interest in your company. This will allow people to connect with your Facebook page. You can send regular updates pertaining to job openings and launch of latest services to those who ‘like’ your page. You cannot deny the fact that people who are connect with you on a social networking website might someday work as your employees.

Looking for fresh talent for your organization? Get on Facebook and post an attractive advertisement along with your requirements. Reach out to prospective employees without wasting any precious resources.

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Hiring Talent From China

At the time when the world is going through an economic slowdown, it is important that you find the right talent and then be able to retain it in the long run. Experts claim that urgent recruitment leads to hiring the unsuitable person 75% of the times. Here are a few tips that can help you find the suitable talent from China.

1.      Check the resume thoroughly: The first step to successfully hiring a candidate is to check the resume. Some resumes are great and have authentic information about the candidate while there are many that are just made up and have lot of mistakes. In order to increase your hiring success in China, it is essential that you analyze the resume completely.

2.      Conduct reference checks: Contrary to a popular Chinese myth that it isn’t culturally correct to do a reference check of a prospective employee, getting information about a candidate is in fact pretty feasible. Failure to conduct a reference check might hinder your growth.

3.      Setting up talent reviewing tools: There are a lot of talented professionals in China. It is the need of the hour to assess them in the early stages itself and improve their skills and knowledge. When you review your talent, you measure the success of the recruitment as well as pr
omotion decisions. This technique helps in determining the performance of candidates and checks if they are suitable for a particular job.

4.      Reaching out to prospective employees: Before you actually start the recruitment process, it is important that the right people turn up for the interview. This will in turn save your company’s resources. Efficient use of social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can help in attracting those who possess the right skill set. In addition, traditional marketing methods can also be used to inform about vacancies.

It is unfortunate that companies fail to tap the potential of Chinese talent due to lack of an effective strategy. If the organization hopes to meet its long term and short term goals, it needs to hire people who can accomplish the task. 

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Marketing Through Social Media-The Perfect Thinking

Social media these days is seen as the perfect platform to market your products or views. With the increase in internet users nowadays social media is emerging as the powerful tool to get in touch with the rest of the world. Face book, twitter and LinkedIn are few of the popular social media websites available these days.

There are always few steps that we need to follow before marketing through any kind of social media. The first step is to carefully plan and strategize the series of events which are going to come while marketing and secondly we need to set a goal or target which we can achieve by allocating certain amount of budget and last but not the least we need to carefully choose the right time and platform to market our product or views.

Marketing through social media is a novel way of marketing and doesn’t require a certain formula. You just need to create and develop a content which is attractive enough to be picked up by the large number of people. 

It's really quite simple. As more and more people are getting hooked to social media websites these days, it becomes quite obvious to use these websites as the perfect marketing platform.

These days numerous innovative concepts are being developed on social media platform to launch products and services. Social networking is always useful, even if say you are looking for website design in Waterford! As social networking websites are free for all it is very cheap option to utilize the social media platform to market things or products. Social media is gaining popularity over the traditional media as more youth population is associated with it. Social media helps you to understand the latest trends, thinking and mindset of each section of people thereby helping you analyze and strategize the marketing techniques.

Importance for marketing through social media is increasing which helps you create the brand awareness and customer engagement. The following are some of the benefits of marketing through social media:

·         helps customers to educate about your company, products and services.
·         helps customers to engage with your brand and values.
·         helps to stop misspelling as there is more transparency.

Effective HR Policies to Control Attrition

With attrition becoming a challenge for every organization these days, effective HR policies are required now more than ever. Whenever an employee leaves or resigns from an organization due to any reason it is called as attrition. Today, there are many reasons behind increase in attrition rate of a company:

·         -Lack of growth opportunities.
·        - Inadequate support from supervisors or managers.
·        - Inadequate support from peers and colleagues.
·       -  Salary issues or less employee engagement.

The  HR department plays an essential role in controlling attrition or we can say that it is the duty of HR department to retain the precious talent for the company. To start with HR department needs to select and hire the right people for the right job so that the case of misfit doesn’t arises. Further to add more the HR needs to clearly communicate the salary package to the newly joined candidate as this will help in bringing the transparency factor.

Some Steps to Control Attrition

HR department, in sync with the Operations department, should clearly communicate the duties and responsibilities to the employees. HR in sync with training department should arrange proper trainings for the employee so that employee doesn’t feels left out and is properly trained to perform his roles and duties.HR can provide stress free environment for the employees by arranging various employee related activities called as ER activities which includes arranging outings and planned holidays for them and other fun filled activities.

HR department can also arrange seminars to increase the motivation level of the employees. An important policy that HR department needs to follow is to create a grievance cell for the employees where they can come and share feedback about the peers and organization and provide tips to improve the work culture.

HR department can conduct various rewards and reorganization ceremonies to boost the morale of the employees. By creating internal job promotions the HR can control attrition as the employees feel that there is growth in current organization and they will not leave the company for better opportunities. Another important point that HR can follow is by introducing flexible working hours for the employees who want to support their families’ thereby maintaining work and life balance in a proper manner. Even if you are, say, looking for website design in Dublin, you need to have employees and people who knows their stuff after all.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tips to organize your company finances

Money matters in every business. If money is managed well, the business grows. On the other hand, if the management of financial resources is poor, business goes bankrupt. Managing the money, the inflow as well as outflow is time-consuming. Following simple tips on how to organize your company finances can save a lot of time and energy. By saving on time and energy, businessmen can focus well on other areas of strategic planning to grow the business.

Here are few of the tips that can be incorporated in organization of finance:

1.       Maintain clean filling system: Do not add junk in the files by saving even the unnecessary documents. Throw out the papers, envelops, bills that have served their purpose and are no longer required. A bunch of unnecessary bills delay important activities like auditing.

2.       Make separate billing files: Make separate files for purchase and sales transactions. Files can also be separated for different vendors. Within each file, arrange the bills in a proper order. Arranging bills as per the date on which they accrue is one of the most recommended process. It makes sure that bills are not misplaced. Date wise record keeping helps quick tally of the books of accounts and actual bill statements.

3.       Tally the bank balance: Make it a habit to tally the balance in the bank at the end of every month. The total debit and credit in the bank statement should match with the transactions done in the month. Mismatch with the business records, if any should be notified and clarified with bank authorities, without delay.

4.       Adapt technology: Start using technology like online banking to save the time and resources. Online banking helps to save paper by cutting on activities like banking through cheques. Online banking is also accessible 24*7, making the instant money transfer possible from anywhere.

5.       Consolidation of accounts:  Multiple account of same nature (current/ saving) with same bank can be consolidated into one account. Do not even spread the money in different account that is needed for investments. Let the entire debit of money for investments from one account. Cancel the accounts which have not been used for a long time. Transfer the money from that account to the ones which are operated frequently.

6.       Choose Auto debit: Auto debit of money for pre-defined purpose like monthly/quarterly investments make the life easy. A reminder message facility for the debits can be asked from the banks. The most important tip to organize finance is not to delay in clearing the bills and making payments.  Always make payment on or before time. Clearing debts on time increases the credit ratings of the companies. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Tips to hire the best people from the pool

Great organizations stand on the capabilities of employees. So the first tip to be successful for the companies is to find and hire the best people from the pool. Some of the tips that can help to recruit the talent are as follows:

1. Walk the talk: Newspaper and other print advertisements occupy just a little space in comparison to various other methods of talent-hunt that a company can follow. The fresh and untapped talent can be found on the campus of colleges and universities. Today’s youth are full of bright ideas that can be incorporated for the success of any company. They are self-motivated and go-getters. The human resource should focus on

Ø  Building relationships with the study centres (follow communication channels and prefer walk-in to the universities at times)
Ø  Attending the conferences conducted by the top-universities and colleges

Conferences and debates organised by the colleges provide a platform to the bright students to showcase their talent. It is also an opportunity for the companies to recognize their talent as well as their unconventional thought process and en-cash on it by recruiting such students.

2. Hire the trained employees: The first point as described above applies more on companies which have time and resources to train the fresh graduates. For rest of the companies, it is best to hire trained employees. The companies can find trained employees by:
Ø     Advertising the opening inside the organisation: Referral programs bring in more talented employees to the company. The existing employees are more in touch with people whom they consider best for certain profile. Referral programs act as an incentive to existing employees to refer their acquaintances for job in the company. Involving existing employees in recruitment process can win their trust too.

 3. Maintain record of employees who leave: Maintain the record of employees who leave the company for one or other reasons. Be updated on what they are associated with. These employees if talented can be recruited back by the company, if their records are properly maintained. Maintaining internal records help to save the cost to be incurred on other advertisement sources.

4. Create an atmosphere for growth and pay reasonable well: What attracts talented employees to certain companies is
      The atmosphere and opportunities conducive for growth
Ø       A reasonable pay for the job offer ( as per the market standards and competitors offer)

Cost of hiring is more than cost of retention. So the companies should focus not only on hiring the talent but also retaining the skilled employees.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips to garner more online traffic views in India

The business mantra for Indian companies to increase revenue in this hi-tech time is to focus on garnishing more online traffic views on their web presence.  But what does a web presence means and how can online traffic on it generate profit?
The meaning of web presence:

Ø  It means presence on online platforms in the form of websites and blogs
Ø  It denotes visibility on search engines like Google and yahoo
Ø  It implies being spoken about on social media like facebook, twitter and pinterest

How online traffic views are related to the web presence?
Merely developing a company’s website or starting a blog for products and services or making companies page on social media is not enough. The website, blogs and social pages needs promotion. 

The tool to promote is the number of clicks on the website, number of reads on blogs, the threads on forums and number of likes and comments on social media. The clicks, reads, likes and comments are the constituents of the online traffic. After visiting the website, social pages and reading the reviews on forums, the customers make their mind to buy the products and services. Revenue of the company increases with every purchase. The online clicks, by the customers and clients for searching the information about the company, counts.

After reading the above, the question that peeps up in mind is how can the online traffic views in India increase? And here is the answer to it:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO is the most commonly known process to improve the visibility of website on search engines for the keywords. On-page and Off-page optimization improves the raking of the keywords related to its products and services.
Social Media Optimization (SMO): A fairly new but highly effective way to increase the traffic is to social media. A normal facebook page of the company if optimized well can attract a lot of customers to the company’s offerings.
Online Advertising: Where the services of SEO for clients are charged by the SEO providers, the online advertising is charged by the search engines. It is one of the paid platforms to increase the online traffic views in India.

Use the offline print medium: The companies can leave the web addresses (website, social media) on the advertisements that they display on newspapers, magazines and other circulated literature world. This is a way to prompt the readers to pay an online visit too.  Clicks on the website are counted as a part of online traffic.
These tips are just a glimpse of a number of ways that if applied are useful to increase the traffic on the online sites and pages. If you want more such tips just visit

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Purchasing products through Internet in China

Duplicity in products is much prevalent world-wide. The low cost products market like China is highly affected from it. Duplicity makes the sales, by the original Chinese companies difficult. It also makes the choice of products tough for the customers. Now-a –days consumers do most of their purchases online and every e-commerce website is not reliable. So to know the tips on purchasing products through internet in China is important for the customers. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful in choosing the right online site to place an order:
1.      Know the brands: Learn to differentiate between a brand and a non-brand in the durable and non-durable products. Nike, Adidas are two of the shoe brands. Samsung and Apple are prominent Smartphone brands. Like this, there are brands in every product range. Not every company has the authority to display and sell original brands online and offline. The distribution rights of brands exist with the authorised dealers. Placing an order for a product through internet in China is easy but if the customers are not aware about the brands and their offers, they can end up losing their money on buying duplicates. Fake brands are not more than mere dust in the name of diamond.
2.      Be updated about the online scams: Purchasing through internet is not untouched by the scams. Customer must be alert if any e-commerce site asks for confidential information from them. The purpose of fake e-commerce site is to solicit the information and use it for illegitimate purpose.
3.      Go through the review: Before the customers make the decision to buy online, they must do a research first. Reading online reviews about the products and looking at the rating of the website which is selling those products is a part of extensive search. Sometimes the reviews and ratings are fake ones. Differentiating a true and fake rating is possible for a frequent online visitor.
4.      Pre-communication: It is advisable for customers to not to place the order right way if they have even the slightest doubt on credibility of the company. They can engage in pre-communication with the company’s representative online, ask questions over the mail, send an online enquiry form, and use the inbuilt chat option to clarify every inch on the suspicion. The time which the company take to revert for customer’s queries, the in-depth knowledge that representatives have about the products and services been offered, speaks a volume about the authenticity. However, this is just not enough to ensure that the customer is at a right place.

Many other things like the shipment procedure, the product guarantee; the grievance handling procedure and money back options can be a part of online research before purchasing products through internet in China. To know more just visit

Sunday, 21 April 2013

General Customer Problem Areas- How to address them

Prompt and quality services to its customers cannot be avoided by any company, given the number of choice that customers have now-a-days. A single bad experience and company can end up losing the customer forever. In the era of high competition, it is beneficial for the corporate:

To know the general customer problem areas
To know the procedure to address those general problems

Following are the some of the complaints that the customers generally make:
1.      Poor information: Customers are now smart; they focus on pre-research as much, as on the after sale services. The ease of research has been possible with the advent of online marketing. However, the traditional method of seeking answers over the face- to-face meeting with the company’s representatives and collecting data over the telephonic communication from the customer service has also not lost its importance. While communication online is improving, there has been less efforts to train the representatives on dealing with customers queries face-to-face. Cold response, incomplete and inaccurate information, hard selling, less of relation building and lack of concern makes the customer turn down the purchase from a company and run to its competitor.  Appropriate training to employees on the products, services and general behavioural aspects relating to dealing with the customer, can address this general customer problem area to a major extent.
2.       Quality: It is the top-most concern of every customer. Quality of product and service is what prompts the customer to buy from a certain company. Price is secondary to it. Customers never hesitate to spend more on product which is qualitative. Quality should be an in-built feature of the product while manufacturing. After the product is manufactured, it is only the repairs that can be done and not the quality improvement. Companies should focus on delivering more than what they promise to the customer.
A   After sale services:  The factor that has never changed in customer service, is the after sale services. The essential of life-long relation with the customer is the services that he gets after the company sells him the merchandise. Customers worry about; how they are treated by the company after they have bought the products and paid for it. Will they be remembered or will they be forgotten? Serving customers with good response after sales is easy for companies with the help of social networking
Customer general problem areas are most often related to the service and quality. Focus on these two aspects enhances the overall customer experience. If you want more such tips just visit

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

China- The new country of the Internet Marketing revolution

When companies around the world are still in the middle of research on how the clicks can be converted into cash, China has leapfrogged the internet revolution. It was not an easy achievement after the Chinese government banned many of the world top social sites including facebook in the country. This step by the government was to protect the country against possible security threats. In-spite of that the number of internet users in China at present is more than 400 million. The number in comparison to India is five times more and also twice as that of USA. With the ongoing improvement in the payment procedure and navigation on the sites, the figure of online consumers in China is expected to increase. Most of the people there surf net for an online shopping.
The internet marketing revolution in China is an appropriate combination of

Ø Buying habits of consumers
Ø Digital capabilities of companies to trace and match the habits with online mediums

Buying habits of customers in china are based on extensive research about the brand. It is a fact, that the best medium of research in less time is none other than internet. The medium to use the internet are in plenty. Internet availability over the laptops, I-pads and mobile phones has made the search possible anytime and anywhere. The companies which are aware of it try to popularise their products on net using paid and unpaid techniques like SEO and SMO. The companies do effort to be highly accessible over the internet by not leaving any platform where the customers are expected to search. 

The reach of companies to the customers is possible with the help of digital enhancement, which was possible by government support. Though the Government banned the prominent sites, yet it is with the efforts of Government and the companies that people have good internet access. Government itself take initiative to promote social campaigns online. It uses various other social platforms like micro blogs to spread information to the general public. It takes interest in every aspect including the content, the design and operative aspects of online system. The interest and support from government has revolutionized the internet marketing in China. Posts from government draw the attention of general public and attracts them to use internet more than the purpose of buying goods and services online.

Clearly, there is much to learn from the internet revolution in China for every country. Know more about China and the new internet marketing revolution it finds itself in at 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Business risk - tips to mitigate it

Risks are inherent part of business activities. The belief that doing business is easy is contradicted by unavoidable economic, natural and political and security risks under which it operates. Avoiding the business risks altogether is not possible, though it can be mitigated to a large extent, going by certain tips and tricks of trade.
What are the different business risks and how they can be managed? The answer to this question lies in the below mentioned points:
Security Risk: We are living in a hi-tech era where most of the work is done via internet. Technology is a part and parcel of businesses too. Companies have their records (financial, managerial and other) online. Right from the first activity of the day which is, communication with the parties to business and the last activity of transfer of funds happen with the help of technology. E-mails, online banking are just two of the examples being used to a large extent in everyday life. Protection of data and system is necessary to prevent unwanted attack. Data protection can be done by:

Ø  Implementing tight security controls (Install Anti-virus software on all the systems)
Ø  Defining and following security guidelines (Put a stop to practices of password sharing)
Ø  Install external tools to keep a check ( Cameras on places requiring high security should be installed)
Ø  Be ready with the back up plans (Be knowledgeable about the data recovery plans and procedures)

Financial Risks: Shortage of funds as and when required can lead the business to shut down its operations. By managing the finance, the business can mitigate the associated risks. A bit of financial measures as follows, if implemented well ensures the safety and accessibility of funds at the time of need:
Ø  Avoid undercapitalization and overcapitalization: This applies to new as well as existing businesses. Undercapitalization hampers the smooth start of a new venture and overcapitalization leads to blocking money in unnecessary activities.
Ø  Emphasis on liquid funds: Keep some of the funds in the form of liquid money or easily accessible cash. Ready availability of funds helps to pay off the short term debts as and when these arise.
Ø  Gain knowledge about basic financial rules: Gain adequate knowledge on how to read the books of accounts, how to read the passbook entries and how to calculate the break even points in business. Dependency on others will cost you much more than acquiring self knowledge.

Risk in business always exists in one or other form and finance and security risk are a major part of it.  

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Provide Your Customers Self-Service to Help Themselves

Customer self service portals (CSSPs) are on a gradual rise with an increasing number of companies using them to serve their customers. The need for self service portals is evident with customers demanding the best immediate service in every area. In addition to the value of product or service that a company sells, customers now expect a reactive customer service that deals with their problems and make things easier for them.
Customers want to be treated like kings and queens.  The idea of waiting for a reply to an email or an operator to respond on the phone is not appreciated anymore by customers. A good customer service is one of their first few demands that should be fulfilled by every business if it wishes to thrive and stay ahead of its competitors.
In this regard, CSSPs are the most relevant answer...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Talent retention strategies for your business

Talent managers are fast becoming the backbone of HR in any organization. 
This is true because talent management strategy is an essential tool is delivering high performance on a consistent basis. 
However, there are some essential questions that need to be answered before one delves further into the business of talent management. 
What is talent? What is the perfect talent management model and how to be a talent manager?

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reaching out your consumers through the social media landscape in China?

Big names like Facebook and Twitter find it difficult to make a mark in China for several reasons including government policies and competition from local social networks. 
China’s social medias thus tend to have similar features than their western competitors. If you want to venture into China, you might want to consider increasing your brand awareness, try to become more visible online and engage a community of loyal customers. 
That is why you will need to master those social media marketing tools.

Given below is a breakup of the top ten social networks used in China:

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Institutionalize "Governance, Risk management and Compliance"

Assessing the various parameters of risk is crucial for any business. Business risk assessment will bring in to play all those factors that can potentially damage and harm your organizational structure and functioning. In order for a business’s risk management function to remain in sync with all that is happening, an efficient risk management program becomes extremely necessary.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Customer Self Service Portal: Multiply Your Communication Channels

Times are changing and so are the technologies.
Today, numerous communication channels are available to improve the interaction between your business and users, clients, partners...

Sending emails or dialing a number to reach a customer representative is considered an orthodox method by many thanks to the availability of better solutions. 
Over the years, companies have introduced new user interface features for helping their customers. They won't waste time anymore to pick up the phone or to make inquiries via email. Nowadays customers tend to be more and more impatient and self-achieve to obtain a relevant information, or simply give up at the first obstacle. A logical consequence of this second scenario is brand image deterioration. 
Indeed, customers want ready-made solutions that make things easier and intuitive for them. Leaving phone calls and emails behind, there are other options including customer self service portals.

Monday, 4 February 2013

How to monitor Talent Management improvement?

The Human Resource department performs several functions including recruitment and retention of employees. Recruitment involves creating a pool of potential employees and then selecting final employees from that pool. Conversely, retention is about keeping the employees you hire.

For every business, it is important to hire the right kind of people for every job and then make sure that the talented employees continue to perform with the company. For this there should be a proper employee management and retention system.

This goal can be achieved by making use of the following metrics.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How do people use social media in India?

The internet has completely revolutionized the world. Just like any other country, India, too, has seen an influx of several social media platforms. It is among the world's fastest growing economies with a sizeable number of the population, according to BBC 121 million, having access to the internet.

India is a land of diversity. The country is home to people belonging to different cultures. Due to this large variety of people, it is difficult for India to have a Numero Uno social media platform. Nevertheless, Facebook seems to have found strong roots in the nation.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Implement an ISO 31000 Risk Framework

There are many risk classification options that companies can choose from. The best option depends on several things including the nature, complexity and size of the business. ISO 31000 provides answers to this problem but does not suggest any precise risk classification method. It emphasizes that every organization should develop its own system keeping in mind its needs and other relevant factors.

Since every business is different, it faces different types of risks. This is why it is important that companies perform a business risk assessment as a part of business risk management to understand the risks it faces.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Banking Self-Service Platforms

Over the preceding years, e-commerce has grown immense popularity. Many of the businesses now operate online giving an opportunity to individuals to shop online for their convenience. Shopping online would definitely mean paying for the goods or services online as well.

Similarly, e-banking has grown prominence over the traditional banking platform, due to the number of advantages accompanied with the e-banking platform, mainly, convenience and time savings.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to monitor Talent Management improvement?

The Human Resource department performs several functions including recruitment and retention of employees. Recruitment involves creating a pool of potential employees and then selecting final employees from that pool. Conversely, retention is about keeping the employees you hire. 
For every business, it is important to hire the right kind of people for every job and then make sure that the talented employees continue to perform with the company. For this there should be a proper employee management and retention system.