Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reaching out your consumers through the social media landscape in China?

Big names like Facebook and Twitter find it difficult to make a mark in China for several reasons including government policies and competition from local social networks. 
China’s social medias thus tend to have similar features than their western competitors. If you want to venture into China, you might want to consider increasing your brand awareness, try to become more visible online and engage a community of loyal customers. 
That is why you will need to master those social media marketing tools.

Given below is a breakup of the top ten social networks used in China:

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Institutionalize "Governance, Risk management and Compliance"

Assessing the various parameters of risk is crucial for any business. Business risk assessment will bring in to play all those factors that can potentially damage and harm your organizational structure and functioning. In order for a business’s risk management function to remain in sync with all that is happening, an efficient risk management program becomes extremely necessary.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Customer Self Service Portal: Multiply Your Communication Channels

Times are changing and so are the technologies.
Today, numerous communication channels are available to improve the interaction between your business and users, clients, partners...

Sending emails or dialing a number to reach a customer representative is considered an orthodox method by many thanks to the availability of better solutions. 
Over the years, companies have introduced new user interface features for helping their customers. They won't waste time anymore to pick up the phone or to make inquiries via email. Nowadays customers tend to be more and more impatient and self-achieve to obtain a relevant information, or simply give up at the first obstacle. A logical consequence of this second scenario is brand image deterioration. 
Indeed, customers want ready-made solutions that make things easier and intuitive for them. Leaving phone calls and emails behind, there are other options including customer self service portals.

Monday, 4 February 2013

How to monitor Talent Management improvement?

The Human Resource department performs several functions including recruitment and retention of employees. Recruitment involves creating a pool of potential employees and then selecting final employees from that pool. Conversely, retention is about keeping the employees you hire.

For every business, it is important to hire the right kind of people for every job and then make sure that the talented employees continue to perform with the company. For this there should be a proper employee management and retention system.

This goal can be achieved by making use of the following metrics.