Monday, 18 February 2013

Customer Self Service Portal: Multiply Your Communication Channels

Times are changing and so are the technologies.
Today, numerous communication channels are available to improve the interaction between your business and users, clients, partners...

Sending emails or dialing a number to reach a customer representative is considered an orthodox method by many thanks to the availability of better solutions. 
Over the years, companies have introduced new user interface features for helping their customers. They won't waste time anymore to pick up the phone or to make inquiries via email. Nowadays customers tend to be more and more impatient and self-achieve to obtain a relevant information, or simply give up at the first obstacle. A logical consequence of this second scenario is brand image deterioration. 
Indeed, customers want ready-made solutions that make things easier and intuitive for them. Leaving phone calls and emails behind, there are other options including customer self service portals.
Self service portals act like help desk support where customers can go and get answers to their queries in a simple fashion, buy online... These portals can have many different features including videos, manuals, guides, answers and ideas, training... to help customers to find a quick solution. In the same way online chat, social media feeds like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ can be integrated in a CSSP and are also highly appreciated. Chat messages allow instant communication with questions/answers. Social networking gives companies more opportunities to cater to their customers, engage users through a community and strengthen loyalty and brand image.

Customers prefer those new methods of communication simply because it is quick, efficient and very comfortable. A customized Customer Self Service Portal can provide a non-stop knowledge base and a really convenient interface.
This also allow companies to reduce service costs. And it has never been more important than today to keep pace with the industry and change to remain competitive.

Once again the time is here for companies to turn to newer options. Companies do not necessarily need to give up their original communication processes but definitely need to keep up with the change and adapt to new complementary channels: better understand their customer issues and provide them with tailored solutions. 

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