Sunday, 10 March 2013

Provide Your Customers Self-Service to Help Themselves

Customer self service portals (CSSPs) are on a gradual rise with an increasing number of companies using them to serve their customers. The need for self service portals is evident with customers demanding the best immediate service in every area. In addition to the value of product or service that a company sells, customers now expect a reactive customer service that deals with their problems and make things easier for them.
Customers want to be treated like kings and queens.  The idea of waiting for a reply to an email or an operator to respond on the phone is not appreciated anymore by customers. A good customer service is one of their first few demands that should be fulfilled by every business if it wishes to thrive and stay ahead of its competitors.
In this regard, CSSPs are the most relevant answer...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Talent retention strategies for your business

Talent managers are fast becoming the backbone of HR in any organization. 
This is true because talent management strategy is an essential tool is delivering high performance on a consistent basis. 
However, there are some essential questions that need to be answered before one delves further into the business of talent management. 
What is talent? What is the perfect talent management model and how to be a talent manager?