Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips to garner more online traffic views in India

The business mantra for Indian companies to increase revenue in this hi-tech time is to focus on garnishing more online traffic views on their web presence.  But what does a web presence means and how can online traffic on it generate profit?
The meaning of web presence:

Ø  It means presence on online platforms in the form of websites and blogs
Ø  It denotes visibility on search engines like Google and yahoo
Ø  It implies being spoken about on social media like facebook, twitter and pinterest

How online traffic views are related to the web presence?
Merely developing a company’s website or starting a blog for products and services or making companies page on social media is not enough. The website, blogs and social pages needs promotion. 

The tool to promote is the number of clicks on the website, number of reads on blogs, the threads on forums and number of likes and comments on social media. The clicks, reads, likes and comments are the constituents of the online traffic. After visiting the website, social pages and reading the reviews on forums, the customers make their mind to buy the products and services. Revenue of the company increases with every purchase. The online clicks, by the customers and clients for searching the information about the company, counts.

After reading the above, the question that peeps up in mind is how can the online traffic views in India increase? And here is the answer to it:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO is the most commonly known process to improve the visibility of website on search engines for the keywords. On-page and Off-page optimization improves the raking of the keywords related to its products and services.
Social Media Optimization (SMO): A fairly new but highly effective way to increase the traffic is to social media. A normal facebook page of the company if optimized well can attract a lot of customers to the company’s offerings.
Online Advertising: Where the services of SEO for clients are charged by the SEO providers, the online advertising is charged by the search engines. It is one of the paid platforms to increase the online traffic views in India.

Use the offline print medium: The companies can leave the web addresses (website, social media) on the advertisements that they display on newspapers, magazines and other circulated literature world. This is a way to prompt the readers to pay an online visit too.  Clicks on the website are counted as a part of online traffic.
These tips are just a glimpse of a number of ways that if applied are useful to increase the traffic on the online sites and pages. If you want more such tips just visit

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Purchasing products through Internet in China

Duplicity in products is much prevalent world-wide. The low cost products market like China is highly affected from it. Duplicity makes the sales, by the original Chinese companies difficult. It also makes the choice of products tough for the customers. Now-a –days consumers do most of their purchases online and every e-commerce website is not reliable. So to know the tips on purchasing products through internet in China is important for the customers. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful in choosing the right online site to place an order:
1.      Know the brands: Learn to differentiate between a brand and a non-brand in the durable and non-durable products. Nike, Adidas are two of the shoe brands. Samsung and Apple are prominent Smartphone brands. Like this, there are brands in every product range. Not every company has the authority to display and sell original brands online and offline. The distribution rights of brands exist with the authorised dealers. Placing an order for a product through internet in China is easy but if the customers are not aware about the brands and their offers, they can end up losing their money on buying duplicates. Fake brands are not more than mere dust in the name of diamond.
2.      Be updated about the online scams: Purchasing through internet is not untouched by the scams. Customer must be alert if any e-commerce site asks for confidential information from them. The purpose of fake e-commerce site is to solicit the information and use it for illegitimate purpose.
3.      Go through the review: Before the customers make the decision to buy online, they must do a research first. Reading online reviews about the products and looking at the rating of the website which is selling those products is a part of extensive search. Sometimes the reviews and ratings are fake ones. Differentiating a true and fake rating is possible for a frequent online visitor.
4.      Pre-communication: It is advisable for customers to not to place the order right way if they have even the slightest doubt on credibility of the company. They can engage in pre-communication with the company’s representative online, ask questions over the mail, send an online enquiry form, and use the inbuilt chat option to clarify every inch on the suspicion. The time which the company take to revert for customer’s queries, the in-depth knowledge that representatives have about the products and services been offered, speaks a volume about the authenticity. However, this is just not enough to ensure that the customer is at a right place.

Many other things like the shipment procedure, the product guarantee; the grievance handling procedure and money back options can be a part of online research before purchasing products through internet in China. To know more just visit

Sunday, 21 April 2013

General Customer Problem Areas- How to address them

Prompt and quality services to its customers cannot be avoided by any company, given the number of choice that customers have now-a-days. A single bad experience and company can end up losing the customer forever. In the era of high competition, it is beneficial for the corporate:

To know the general customer problem areas
To know the procedure to address those general problems

Following are the some of the complaints that the customers generally make:
1.      Poor information: Customers are now smart; they focus on pre-research as much, as on the after sale services. The ease of research has been possible with the advent of online marketing. However, the traditional method of seeking answers over the face- to-face meeting with the company’s representatives and collecting data over the telephonic communication from the customer service has also not lost its importance. While communication online is improving, there has been less efforts to train the representatives on dealing with customers queries face-to-face. Cold response, incomplete and inaccurate information, hard selling, less of relation building and lack of concern makes the customer turn down the purchase from a company and run to its competitor.  Appropriate training to employees on the products, services and general behavioural aspects relating to dealing with the customer, can address this general customer problem area to a major extent.
2.       Quality: It is the top-most concern of every customer. Quality of product and service is what prompts the customer to buy from a certain company. Price is secondary to it. Customers never hesitate to spend more on product which is qualitative. Quality should be an in-built feature of the product while manufacturing. After the product is manufactured, it is only the repairs that can be done and not the quality improvement. Companies should focus on delivering more than what they promise to the customer.
A   After sale services:  The factor that has never changed in customer service, is the after sale services. The essential of life-long relation with the customer is the services that he gets after the company sells him the merchandise. Customers worry about; how they are treated by the company after they have bought the products and paid for it. Will they be remembered or will they be forgotten? Serving customers with good response after sales is easy for companies with the help of social networking
Customer general problem areas are most often related to the service and quality. Focus on these two aspects enhances the overall customer experience. If you want more such tips just visit

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

China- The new country of the Internet Marketing revolution

When companies around the world are still in the middle of research on how the clicks can be converted into cash, China has leapfrogged the internet revolution. It was not an easy achievement after the Chinese government banned many of the world top social sites including facebook in the country. This step by the government was to protect the country against possible security threats. In-spite of that the number of internet users in China at present is more than 400 million. The number in comparison to India is five times more and also twice as that of USA. With the ongoing improvement in the payment procedure and navigation on the sites, the figure of online consumers in China is expected to increase. Most of the people there surf net for an online shopping.
The internet marketing revolution in China is an appropriate combination of

Ø Buying habits of consumers
Ø Digital capabilities of companies to trace and match the habits with online mediums

Buying habits of customers in china are based on extensive research about the brand. It is a fact, that the best medium of research in less time is none other than internet. The medium to use the internet are in plenty. Internet availability over the laptops, I-pads and mobile phones has made the search possible anytime and anywhere. The companies which are aware of it try to popularise their products on net using paid and unpaid techniques like SEO and SMO. The companies do effort to be highly accessible over the internet by not leaving any platform where the customers are expected to search. 

The reach of companies to the customers is possible with the help of digital enhancement, which was possible by government support. Though the Government banned the prominent sites, yet it is with the efforts of Government and the companies that people have good internet access. Government itself take initiative to promote social campaigns online. It uses various other social platforms like micro blogs to spread information to the general public. It takes interest in every aspect including the content, the design and operative aspects of online system. The interest and support from government has revolutionized the internet marketing in China. Posts from government draw the attention of general public and attracts them to use internet more than the purpose of buying goods and services online.

Clearly, there is much to learn from the internet revolution in China for every country. Know more about China and the new internet marketing revolution it finds itself in at 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Business risk - tips to mitigate it

Risks are inherent part of business activities. The belief that doing business is easy is contradicted by unavoidable economic, natural and political and security risks under which it operates. Avoiding the business risks altogether is not possible, though it can be mitigated to a large extent, going by certain tips and tricks of trade.
What are the different business risks and how they can be managed? The answer to this question lies in the below mentioned points:
Security Risk: We are living in a hi-tech era where most of the work is done via internet. Technology is a part and parcel of businesses too. Companies have their records (financial, managerial and other) online. Right from the first activity of the day which is, communication with the parties to business and the last activity of transfer of funds happen with the help of technology. E-mails, online banking are just two of the examples being used to a large extent in everyday life. Protection of data and system is necessary to prevent unwanted attack. Data protection can be done by:

Ø  Implementing tight security controls (Install Anti-virus software on all the systems)
Ø  Defining and following security guidelines (Put a stop to practices of password sharing)
Ø  Install external tools to keep a check ( Cameras on places requiring high security should be installed)
Ø  Be ready with the back up plans (Be knowledgeable about the data recovery plans and procedures)

Financial Risks: Shortage of funds as and when required can lead the business to shut down its operations. By managing the finance, the business can mitigate the associated risks. A bit of financial measures as follows, if implemented well ensures the safety and accessibility of funds at the time of need:
Ø  Avoid undercapitalization and overcapitalization: This applies to new as well as existing businesses. Undercapitalization hampers the smooth start of a new venture and overcapitalization leads to blocking money in unnecessary activities.
Ø  Emphasis on liquid funds: Keep some of the funds in the form of liquid money or easily accessible cash. Ready availability of funds helps to pay off the short term debts as and when these arise.
Ø  Gain knowledge about basic financial rules: Gain adequate knowledge on how to read the books of accounts, how to read the passbook entries and how to calculate the break even points in business. Dependency on others will cost you much more than acquiring self knowledge.

Risk in business always exists in one or other form and finance and security risk are a major part of it.