Tuesday, 16 April 2013

China- The new country of the Internet Marketing revolution

When companies around the world are still in the middle of research on how the clicks can be converted into cash, China has leapfrogged the internet revolution. It was not an easy achievement after the Chinese government banned many of the world top social sites including facebook in the country. This step by the government was to protect the country against possible security threats. In-spite of that the number of internet users in China at present is more than 400 million. The number in comparison to India is five times more and also twice as that of USA. With the ongoing improvement in the payment procedure and navigation on the sites, the figure of online consumers in China is expected to increase. Most of the people there surf net for an online shopping.
The internet marketing revolution in China is an appropriate combination of

Ø Buying habits of consumers
Ø Digital capabilities of companies to trace and match the habits with online mediums

Buying habits of customers in china are based on extensive research about the brand. It is a fact, that the best medium of research in less time is none other than internet. The medium to use the internet are in plenty. Internet availability over the laptops, I-pads and mobile phones has made the search possible anytime and anywhere. The companies which are aware of it try to popularise their products on net using paid and unpaid techniques like SEO and SMO. The companies do effort to be highly accessible over the internet by not leaving any platform where the customers are expected to search. 

The reach of companies to the customers is possible with the help of digital enhancement, which was possible by government support. Though the Government banned the prominent sites, yet it is with the efforts of Government and the companies that people have good internet access. Government itself take initiative to promote social campaigns online. It uses various other social platforms like micro blogs to spread information to the general public. It takes interest in every aspect including the content, the design and operative aspects of online system. The interest and support from government has revolutionized the internet marketing in China. Posts from government draw the attention of general public and attracts them to use internet more than the purpose of buying goods and services online.

Clearly, there is much to learn from the internet revolution in China for every country. Know more about China and the new internet marketing revolution it finds itself in at digital-media-labs.com 

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