Sunday, 21 April 2013

General Customer Problem Areas- How to address them

Prompt and quality services to its customers cannot be avoided by any company, given the number of choice that customers have now-a-days. A single bad experience and company can end up losing the customer forever. In the era of high competition, it is beneficial for the corporate:

To know the general customer problem areas
To know the procedure to address those general problems

Following are the some of the complaints that the customers generally make:
1.      Poor information: Customers are now smart; they focus on pre-research as much, as on the after sale services. The ease of research has been possible with the advent of online marketing. However, the traditional method of seeking answers over the face- to-face meeting with the company’s representatives and collecting data over the telephonic communication from the customer service has also not lost its importance. While communication online is improving, there has been less efforts to train the representatives on dealing with customers queries face-to-face. Cold response, incomplete and inaccurate information, hard selling, less of relation building and lack of concern makes the customer turn down the purchase from a company and run to its competitor.  Appropriate training to employees on the products, services and general behavioural aspects relating to dealing with the customer, can address this general customer problem area to a major extent.
2.       Quality: It is the top-most concern of every customer. Quality of product and service is what prompts the customer to buy from a certain company. Price is secondary to it. Customers never hesitate to spend more on product which is qualitative. Quality should be an in-built feature of the product while manufacturing. After the product is manufactured, it is only the repairs that can be done and not the quality improvement. Companies should focus on delivering more than what they promise to the customer.
A   After sale services:  The factor that has never changed in customer service, is the after sale services. The essential of life-long relation with the customer is the services that he gets after the company sells him the merchandise. Customers worry about; how they are treated by the company after they have bought the products and paid for it. Will they be remembered or will they be forgotten? Serving customers with good response after sales is easy for companies with the help of social networking
Customer general problem areas are most often related to the service and quality. Focus on these two aspects enhances the overall customer experience. If you want more such tips just visit

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