Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Purchasing products through Internet in China

Duplicity in products is much prevalent world-wide. The low cost products market like China is highly affected from it. Duplicity makes the sales, by the original Chinese companies difficult. It also makes the choice of products tough for the customers. Now-a –days consumers do most of their purchases online and every e-commerce website is not reliable. So to know the tips on purchasing products through internet in China is important for the customers. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful in choosing the right online site to place an order:
1.      Know the brands: Learn to differentiate between a brand and a non-brand in the durable and non-durable products. Nike, Adidas are two of the shoe brands. Samsung and Apple are prominent Smartphone brands. Like this, there are brands in every product range. Not every company has the authority to display and sell original brands online and offline. The distribution rights of brands exist with the authorised dealers. Placing an order for a product through internet in China is easy but if the customers are not aware about the brands and their offers, they can end up losing their money on buying duplicates. Fake brands are not more than mere dust in the name of diamond.
2.      Be updated about the online scams: Purchasing through internet is not untouched by the scams. Customer must be alert if any e-commerce site asks for confidential information from them. The purpose of fake e-commerce site is to solicit the information and use it for illegitimate purpose.
3.      Go through the review: Before the customers make the decision to buy online, they must do a research first. Reading online reviews about the products and looking at the rating of the website which is selling those products is a part of extensive search. Sometimes the reviews and ratings are fake ones. Differentiating a true and fake rating is possible for a frequent online visitor.
4.      Pre-communication: It is advisable for customers to not to place the order right way if they have even the slightest doubt on credibility of the company. They can engage in pre-communication with the company’s representative online, ask questions over the mail, send an online enquiry form, and use the inbuilt chat option to clarify every inch on the suspicion. The time which the company take to revert for customer’s queries, the in-depth knowledge that representatives have about the products and services been offered, speaks a volume about the authenticity. However, this is just not enough to ensure that the customer is at a right place.

Many other things like the shipment procedure, the product guarantee; the grievance handling procedure and money back options can be a part of online research before purchasing products through internet in China. To know more just visit

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