Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips to garner more online traffic views in India

The business mantra for Indian companies to increase revenue in this hi-tech time is to focus on garnishing more online traffic views on their web presence.  But what does a web presence means and how can online traffic on it generate profit?
The meaning of web presence:

Ø  It means presence on online platforms in the form of websites and blogs
Ø  It denotes visibility on search engines like Google and yahoo
Ø  It implies being spoken about on social media like facebook, twitter and pinterest

How online traffic views are related to the web presence?
Merely developing a company’s website or starting a blog for products and services or making companies page on social media is not enough. The website, blogs and social pages needs promotion. 

The tool to promote is the number of clicks on the website, number of reads on blogs, the threads on forums and number of likes and comments on social media. The clicks, reads, likes and comments are the constituents of the online traffic. After visiting the website, social pages and reading the reviews on forums, the customers make their mind to buy the products and services. Revenue of the company increases with every purchase. The online clicks, by the customers and clients for searching the information about the company, counts.

After reading the above, the question that peeps up in mind is how can the online traffic views in India increase? And here is the answer to it:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO is the most commonly known process to improve the visibility of website on search engines for the keywords. On-page and Off-page optimization improves the raking of the keywords related to its products and services.
Social Media Optimization (SMO): A fairly new but highly effective way to increase the traffic is to social media. A normal facebook page of the company if optimized well can attract a lot of customers to the company’s offerings.
Online Advertising: Where the services of SEO for clients are charged by the SEO providers, the online advertising is charged by the search engines. It is one of the paid platforms to increase the online traffic views in India.

Use the offline print medium: The companies can leave the web addresses (website, social media) on the advertisements that they display on newspapers, magazines and other circulated literature world. This is a way to prompt the readers to pay an online visit too.  Clicks on the website are counted as a part of online traffic.
These tips are just a glimpse of a number of ways that if applied are useful to increase the traffic on the online sites and pages. If you want more such tips just visit

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