Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Effective HR Policies to Control Attrition

With attrition becoming a challenge for every organization these days, effective HR policies are required now more than ever. Whenever an employee leaves or resigns from an organization due to any reason it is called as attrition. Today, there are many reasons behind increase in attrition rate of a company:

·         -Lack of growth opportunities.
·        - Inadequate support from supervisors or managers.
·        - Inadequate support from peers and colleagues.
·       -  Salary issues or less employee engagement.

The  HR department plays an essential role in controlling attrition or we can say that it is the duty of HR department to retain the precious talent for the company. To start with HR department needs to select and hire the right people for the right job so that the case of misfit doesn’t arises. Further to add more the HR needs to clearly communicate the salary package to the newly joined candidate as this will help in bringing the transparency factor.

Some Steps to Control Attrition

HR department, in sync with the Operations department, should clearly communicate the duties and responsibilities to the employees. HR in sync with training department should arrange proper trainings for the employee so that employee doesn’t feels left out and is properly trained to perform his roles and duties.HR can provide stress free environment for the employees by arranging various employee related activities called as ER activities which includes arranging outings and planned holidays for them and other fun filled activities.

HR department can also arrange seminars to increase the motivation level of the employees. An important policy that HR department needs to follow is to create a grievance cell for the employees where they can come and share feedback about the peers and organization and provide tips to improve the work culture.

HR department can conduct various rewards and reorganization ceremonies to boost the morale of the employees. By creating internal job promotions the HR can control attrition as the employees feel that there is growth in current organization and they will not leave the company for better opportunities. Another important point that HR can follow is by introducing flexible working hours for the employees who want to support their families’ thereby maintaining work and life balance in a proper manner. Even if you are, say, looking for website design in Dublin, you need to have employees and people who knows their stuff after all.


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