Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Finding Talent On Facebook

Online recruiting is a unique way for organizations of different sizes to find talented professionals. With more and more people getting onto Social networking websites, HR departments are trying to discover unique ways to utilize this resource and lure skilled candidates. The fact that Facebook has more active users than any other social network currently running makes it a favorite among employers across the globe.

Larger organizations and well-established brands can opt for paid search campaigns to get to the target audience. This targeting can be done based on age, education, geographic location, interests and several other parameters proposed by the company. This feature on Facebook only allows a selected group of people to see your advertisement. Recruiting on Facebook ensures that you reach out to the right people who possess the requisite set of skills needed to fill the job position.

In fact, contrary to a popular belief, online recruitment through Facebook has a higher success rate compared to traditional methods. This technique is economical too given the fact that Facebook ads are charged on a pay-per-click basis. This means that you will not have to shell extra bucks to feature your advertisement on the website. Gone are the days when you used to spend a fortune to setup billboard hoardings and print pamphlets at the time of hiring professionals. On Facebook, only those candidates who are interested to join your company will click on the ad while others are most likely to ignore it.

Even if you aren’t very successful in finding talent on Facebook, it will definitely increase the users’ interest in your company. This will allow people to connect with your Facebook page. You can send regular updates pertaining to job openings and launch of latest services to those who ‘like’ your page. You cannot deny the fact that people who are connect with you on a social networking website might someday work as your employees.

Looking for fresh talent for your organization? Get on Facebook and post an attractive advertisement along with your requirements. Reach out to prospective employees without wasting any precious resources.

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