Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hiring Talent From China

At the time when the world is going through an economic slowdown, it is important that you find the right talent and then be able to retain it in the long run. Experts claim that urgent recruitment leads to hiring the unsuitable person 75% of the times. Here are a few tips that can help you find the suitable talent from China.

1.      Check the resume thoroughly: The first step to successfully hiring a candidate is to check the resume. Some resumes are great and have authentic information about the candidate while there are many that are just made up and have lot of mistakes. In order to increase your hiring success in China, it is essential that you analyze the resume completely.

2.      Conduct reference checks: Contrary to a popular Chinese myth that it isn’t culturally correct to do a reference check of a prospective employee, getting information about a candidate is in fact pretty feasible. Failure to conduct a reference check might hinder your growth.

3.      Setting up talent reviewing tools: There are a lot of talented professionals in China. It is the need of the hour to assess them in the early stages itself and improve their skills and knowledge. When you review your talent, you measure the success of the recruitment as well as pr
omotion decisions. This technique helps in determining the performance of candidates and checks if they are suitable for a particular job.

4.      Reaching out to prospective employees: Before you actually start the recruitment process, it is important that the right people turn up for the interview. This will in turn save your company’s resources. Efficient use of social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can help in attracting those who possess the right skill set. In addition, traditional marketing methods can also be used to inform about vacancies.

It is unfortunate that companies fail to tap the potential of Chinese talent due to lack of an effective strategy. If the organization hopes to meet its long term and short term goals, it needs to hire people who can accomplish the task. 

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